Yearbook Award of Excellence

28 August 2021

Yearbook Award of Excellence  (established 2004 by Program Chairmen Florence Flynn and Inge Venus):  This award may be presented to the outstanding Yearbook that best demonstrates an all-around approach to furthering The Federation President’s Theme. For 2023-25, President Karin Pyskaty’s theme is Care for Our Air, Plant a Tree. If your club has planned, through a combination of programs, projects, education, outreach, support of legislation or other means, to inspire individual and/or collective responses supporting the President’s theme, your Yearbook is a candidate for the award. Note:  Your club does not need to plan all activities during the year around the President’s theme, just demonstrate a focus. This award will not be presented to the same garden club in two consecutive years.

Yearbooks are submitted by using the following Form: Yearbook Award of Excellence 

Award Contact: