Yearbook Award of Excellence

28 August 2021

Yearbook Award of Excellence  (established 2004 by Program Chairmen Florence Flynn and Inge Venus):  This award may be presented to the outstanding Yearbook that best demonstrates an all-around approach to furthering The Federation President’s Theme.  For 2021-23, President Polly Brooks theme is We Grow Gardens & Gardeners. If your club has planned, through a combination of programs, projects, education, outreach, support of legislation or other means, to inspire individual and/or collective responses supporting the President’s theme, your Yearbook is a candidate for the award. Note:  Your club does not need to plan all activities during the year around the President’s theme, just demonstrate a focus. This award will not be presented to the same garden club in two consecutive years.  

Mail three hard copies of your club’s Yearbook to the Yearbook Manager.  Contact the Yearbook Manager for more information.

Award Contact: