Publication and Other Media Awards

2 September 2017

Yearbook Award of Excellence  (established 2004 by Program Chairmen Florence Flynn and Inge Venus):  This award may be presented to the outstanding yearbook that scores 98 or higher using the YB-1 NGC Scale of Points. For details of Yearbook point-scoring, click here.  In the event of a tie, the yearbook cover will be the determining factor. This award will not be presented to the same garden club in two consecutive years.

Award Contact:

Publication and Website Awards: A Certificate of Merit is presented for the entry judged best in each category. Publications eligible are: Newsletters; Educational Brochures; Horticulture Guides; Club History; Membership Brochures/Leaflets; and promotion of National Garden Week.  Other non-yearbook publications in this category include calendars, cookbooks, procedural manuals and handbooks and others.  Submit print publications or those prepared for electronic distribution as hard copies for judging.

Website or Social Media pages are judged by viewing the social media site.

Electronic media, such as Video/CD/DVD/Flash Drives, that supports club, FGCCT or NGC objectives and also Radio and/or TV garden-oriented programs have specific requirements for submission. Please contact the Public Relations Chair.

Award Contact: