Landscape and Landscape Design Awards

2 September 2017

Tribute Award for Landscape Design:  Pin and certificate awarded to an individual member who has made outstanding contributions in this area.  Award Contact:

Habitat for Humanity Landscape Award  (established 2007 by Meg Bremer):  This award may be presented to a club for an outstanding landscaping or educational project.

Landscape Design Council Award for Excellence in Design (established 1982):  This award may be given to an individual, a group, or an organization, who has promoted superior design standards through a planned, implemented, and well-maintained landscape. Categories may be selected annually.
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The Love-ly Garden Award  (established 2006 in memory of Penny Jarvis):  An  appropriate garden ornament and an award certificate are given by the Gardening Consultants Council, for a garden created with love.  The recipient is selected by the Council’s Awards Committee from recommendations submitted to the Council Chair by August 15.  Love-ly Garden Award Mail-in Application
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