Horticulture Awards

2 September 2017

Tribute Award in Horticulture:  A pin and certificate is presented to an individual member who has made outstanding contributions in this area.  Award Contact: secondvicepres@ctgardenclubs.org

Award of Excellence in Horticulture: Certificates may be awarded in the four club sizes.

Ellen Carder Memorial Award  (established January 1971):  In recognition of Ellen Carder’s interest and achievements in the field of horticulture, this award, in the form of a suitable book, shall be given annually to a garden club member for noteworthy horticulture achievement. The recipient shall be chosen from suggestions by the general membership, at the discretion of the Federation Horticulture Chair and The Federation Awards Committee.

Joyce P. Harris Award  (established 2002):  This award may be presented to an individual or group for outstanding horticulture achievement in the nominee’s club and community.

Mary Freng Sherley Award  (established 1988):  This  award may be presented annually to an individual or club for horticultural excellence. The recipient shall be chosen at the discretion of The Federation Awards Committee from suggestions made by the general membership.

Awards Contact: hortchair@ctgardenclubs.org