Floral Design and Flower Show Awards

2 September 2017

Tribute Award in Design:  Pin and certificate awarded to an individual member who has made outstanding contributions in this area.  Award Contact:  secondvicepres@ctgardenclubs.org

Tapestry of Design Award (established 2006):  This award may be presented to a club or individual for an unusual or outstanding Project, Flower Show, Program, Event, or combination of such that promotes the art of Floral Design.  A club or multiple clubs working together may apply or be nominated.

Flower Show Achievement Awards:   Achievement awards, awards of merit and citations are given for an entire Flower Show as well as an outstanding division, superior schedule, staging, etc. by the Federation to a Club or a Group of Clubs for a flower show put on by the Club(s). To be considered for an Achievement Award, a Flower Show first must be evaluated.  Flower Show chairs should contact the Evaluations Chair well in advance of the show so that a panel of judges may be selected to evaluate the show. You need not apply for these awards; the evaluation process puts you in the running.

For a complete list of Awards FOR a Flower Show and GIVEN AT a Flower Show, plus procedures, see Awards Manual – Part II – Flower Show Awards.