President’s Project

Out with Invasives - In with Natives

One Yard, One Garden, One Park, One Town, One Trail at a time.

It’s time to take our landscapes back.  It starts with each and every individual stepping up and tackling our Invasive problem.

Rooted in Problems,
Choking Us Out.

All across Connecticut native plants are being choked out by invasives. They’re everywhere and laying siege to landscapes all across the state.

The eradication needs to start now.  We can all make a difference.


How Can We
Take Back our Landscapes?

  • Adopt your personal space
  • Know thy enemy: Attack and remove invasives
  • Plant native: Combat the enemy
  • Spread the word: Be an invasive plant sleuth and a native plant ambassador
  • Band together: The power of coming together


  • “Bringing Nature Home,” by Douglas Tallamy
  • Invasive Plants in Your Backyard! A Guide to Their Identification and Control:
  • “Native Plants for New England Gardens,” by Richardson and Jaffe
  • Attracting Native Pollinators, Xerces Society
  • FGCCT President’s Project Flyer