Why Join

Learn! Share! Have Fun!

Are you interested in learning about horticulture, landscape design, or how to create a floral arrangement?  Maybe you have a passion for environmental issues or would like to plant a garden at your child’s school.  Becoming a member of a garden club helps provide you with the education and experience you seek.

  • Take the opportunity to get to know people who share similar interests and a passion for gardening.
  • Make a contribution to the betterment of your community. Communities with a garden club are usually a more beautiful place.
  • Meet like-minded people and establish long-lasting friendships and relationships.
  • Converse with people in your community and throughout the state and share ideas and knowledge about gardening, landscape design, floral design, environmental issues, conservation, helping our youth, and so much more.
  • Participate in meetings with interesting programs that range across a variety of topics.
  • Increase your overall knowledge and expand your appreciation and understanding of sound gardening practices.

Connecticut boasts over 6,500 Garden Club Members. HELP US GROW!

Please contact a garden club in your area or our Membership Chair:

Kelle Ruden, Second Vice President and Membership Chair


Benefits of Membership


Membership in a garden club offers unlimited opportunities to enrich your life in many diverse ways.  You’ll meet new people and build lifelong personal relationships.  You’ll experience all that gardening has to offer in new and exciting ways.

Garden clubs are naturally welcoming and are most often eager to have new people join.  How you avail yourself to all that they offer is entirely up to you – as little or as much as you want.  You don’t have to be an experienced gardener as there is something for everyone.

You’ll find garden club meetings to be both informative and entertaining.  You’ll experience and learn not just about gardening, but also at the same time appreciating nature and the world that surrounds us.  Meeting monthly, clubs offer a multitude of programs that cover diverse topics with stimulating speakers ranging from gardening and horticulture to floral design, photography and even painting.

Clubs are an integral part of the communities where they reside.  There are on-going projects that range from community beautification to planting for future generations on through to garden therapy programs for the elderly and disabled. You’ll have a chance to make an impact on the community where you live

Membership in the Long Hill Garden Club far exceeded the expectations that I had when I first joined.  I’ve met new people and made several friends that I’m now very close to.  My appreciation and love of gardening and nature has expanded in many new and fun ways.

Member, Long Hill Garden Club

Being in a garden club has allowed me to feel more connected to the community where I live.  What first interested me was the chance to be involved in helping with the many gardens created and maintained by the club. I wanted to learn more about gardening in general. I HAVE learned a lot, and continue to do so.  But the unexpected benefit has been being a part of a real family, a group of friends who support one another in all aspects of their lives.

Member, The Shippan Point Garden Club

As a new member I am humbled and impressed by the number of hard working members who make this club the vibrant and exciting club that it is. And I never dreamed I was going to have this much fun. I am delighted to have met so many wonderful and supportive members and look forward to more learning and more fun!

Member, Pomperaug Valley Garden Club

So many reasons to join a club! I knew nothing about design before I joined my garden club, and 9/10ths of what I know about Horticulture and Conservation I learned in the 34 years I’ve been a member. There are no more eager mentors than gardeners. I’ve benefited from their knowledge and humor. When a club member stretches outside a club, to take schools or travel, these benefits grow geometrically.

Member, Litchfield Garden Club