Judge us by the company we keep!

The Federated Garden Clubs of Connecticut, Inc. is proud to have many organizations affiliated with ours.  All excellent organizations, they share our commitment and passion for advancing our mission.

We hope your organization will consider joining our family of affiliates. The annual fee is minimal. Benefits include the ability to promote six events every calendar year to our state-wide membership in the Calendar of Events on our website at no cost, or by placing an ad at a reduced rate in the Connecticut Federation News which is published six times each year and distributed electronically.  Approved Affiliates, listed below, can submit events by completing this Affiliate Organization Event Submission Form.

To become an Affiliate, contact and/or complete the application form.

Each affiliate has a specific niche and competency in the sphere of gardening. We encourage our members to learn more about what they offer to advance knowledge of all things gardening. Click any one of the names below to learn more about that organization.