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The Federated Garden Clubs of Connecticut, Inc. is proud to have many organizations affiliated with ours.  All excellent organizations, they share our commitment and passion for advancing our mission.

Hartford Blooms

Affiliate Spotlight June/July 2024

We extend a warm welcome to The Federation’s newest affiliate, Hartford Blooms.
Hartford Blooms was founded in 2004 and is 501c3, with tours and events held throughout the year that include many private gardens, estates, and historic properties not usually accessible to the public. The guided tours are led by professions with a wealth of knowledge about Hartford who enliven the sights with entertaining details. For over 20 years, Harford Blooms has been led by Mike McGarry, a tireless hands-on advocate of Hartford’s beautification.
Hartford Blooms supports the efforts of organizations such as KNOX, the Asylum Hill Neighborhood Association (ANNA), Northside Institutions Neighborhood Alliance (NINA), and the West End Civic Association (WECA) and encourages residents throughout Hartford to improve their properties through gardening. Additionally Mike has offered FGCCT Clubs individual tours at other times through appointment, requesting only a small donation and that groups either rent a bus or carpool to minimize the number of cars needed.
Registrations for the June 1-9 Hartford Blooms 10th Anniversary Garden Tours highlighting Hartford’s beautiful Gardens, fascinating history, and splendid architecture, are now open. The tours have evolved over the past decade and will feature new discoveries and old favorites.
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Affiliate Members of The Federation

Each affiliate has a specific niche and competency in the sphere of gardening. We encourage our members to learn more about what they offer to advance knowledge of all things gardening. Click any one of the names below to learn more about that organization.

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