Welcome to the On-Line CT Flower and Garden Show Horticulture Registration. Please register before Friday, February 14, 2020.  The registration form is easy and user friendly!  Up to 5 entries are allowed per form submission. Follow the instructions for each field.  Scrolling is required.  If you have any questions contact:  Jessica Fischer (hortentries@ctgardenclubs.org or 203-272-8315).   Report technical difficulties to:  Shelley Hedberg (webmaster@ctgardenclubs.org or 860-417-3198).
Division I Horticulture entry requirements are described in the Schedule. If these requirements are not met, your entry will not be displayed at the Flower & Show.  View Them Here
CT Invasive Plant List, Revised Oct. 2018
CT Endangered, Threatened & Special Concern Plants, Revised Aug. 2015

Botanical names from common names can be found at  Missouri Botanical Garden.

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