Awards Meeting

Congratulations to all 2017 Club and Individual Award Winners!

At the Eighty-Eighth Awards Meeting, October 25, 2017, about 375 club members came together to see if they or their clubs have won any of the many National, Regional and State Awards presented that day.  It was a wonderful time to recognize outstanding contributions made in youth education, community beautification, horticultural excellence, environmental awareness, and many other areas of garden club activities. Ten fabulous “Dinner and a Movie” tablescapes (To see photos of them all, scroll to the bottom of this page)  were on display along with numerous club and board project displays. Shopping with our great variety of vendors was enjoyed by attendees.

Some highlights and top awards are shown below; see the Award Winners page for more photos and to find the Awards Booklet handed out to attendees at the meeting which includes the full list of winners.

Award Winners

Bronze Medal Presented

The Federation's Highest Honor

It is with great enthusiasm that FGCCT President Inge Venus presented the Federation’s highest honor to Dr. Theodore G Andreadis.

October 25, 2017


Dr. Theodore Andreadis is the Director of the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station. He is also the Head of the Center for Vector Biology and Zoonotic Diseases where he formally directed the State of Connecticut’s Mosquito and Arbovirus Research and Surveillance Programs. He is the author of over 195 scientific publications on mosquitoes and mosquito borne diseases, and his current research activities focus on the mosquito ecology, microbial control of mosquitoes and the epidemiology of mosquito borne diseases. It is through this very dedicated research of mosquitoes that the public has become aware of the spread of life changing diseases, such as the West Nile Virus and now the Zika Virus.

He currently holds an appointment as a Clinical Professor within the Epidemiology of Microbial Disease Division at the Yale School of Public Health and he is an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Pathobiology at the University of Connecticut.

Dr Andreadis is familiar to many of our members because he explains the numerous activities of the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station to students at the beginning of most FGCCT schools and to garden club presidents on Presidents’ Day.

FGCCT Tribute Awards

For Outstanding Individual Contribution

Cindy Golia, North Haven GC: All Around Excellence
Walter and Sally Brocket, North Haven GC and Daytime Gardeners: Youth
Shirley Kiely, Westbrook GC: Civic Development
FGCCT President Inge Venus
Dianne Roberts, Madison GC: Photography
Don Kelsey, Manchester GC: Conservation
Larry Huzi, GC of Orange: Design
Dottie Fox, Kensington GC: Garden Therapy
Vice President Polly Brooks holding Tribute pin for Marla Patterson, Litchfield GC: Landscape Design

National Garden Club's Top Award received by FGCCT

The Award of Excellence

Words of Mary Warshauer, National Garden Clubs, Inc. First Vice President, as she presented the Award of Excellence at the NGC Convention in May, 2017.

“The Federated Garden Clubs of Connecticut., established Beyond Beginning in the Fall of 2015, a workshop series designed for fundamental education and practice in Creative Design to increase the number of designers and clubs participating in the State Flower Show. A long-term goal was to increase the number of designers and club-sponsored Flower Shows across the State.

The Federated Garden Clubs of Connecticut, Inc., discovered an overwhelmingly desire for individual instruction, workshops and critiques of their efforts. Prior to this initiative, there were no workshops on a state level for new designers to learn and practice Creative Floral Design. With an aging population, the pool of designers and instructors in Connecticut had also decreased. The results of just over a year of workshops are impressive. The workshops are financially self-supporting, have a long waiting list, and the number of instructors has doubled.”

Award of Excellence accepted by Cathy Ritch, who envisioned and implemented the very successful Beyond Beginning Workshops, at the 2017 FGCCT Awards Meeting .


In addition to the engraved brass coin and certificate, The Federation received a check for $500 which will be put to good use by the FGCCT Judges Council.

Dinner and a Movie Tablescapes

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