Landscape Design School

Landscape Design School

Save the Date!

The newly designed Course 2 is scheduled for March 24 – 26, 2020 and will include: the landscape design process; design for pollinators & wildlife;  plants in landscape, accessible and therapeutic gardens; structures; redesign of areas; development of North American landscape design;  historic preservation and invasive & native plants.

Anyone who wishes to familiarize themselves with the principles and practices of landscape design is welcome to attend Landscape Design School. Attendees include those who wish to create their own landscape, professional landscape designers, town committee members, and many garden club members who wish to expand their knowledge.

As educated stewards of the land, attendees may choose to contribute to their communities’ awareness of a well-designed landscape by serving on town committees with the objective or improving playgrounds, parks, or curb appeal in downtown areas.

The school’s curriculum offers a wide range of subjects in Landscape Design including designing landscapes with plants and hardscapes (sidewalks, patios, sculptures), or redesign, with both the historical and future perspective. In addition the school discusses the creation of landscapes that evoke a particular feeling and purpose in both the public and private sectors.

The Federated Garden Clubs of Connecticut has been offering Landscape Design School courses since 1978. We look forward to continuing to educate others about good landscape design practices.

What attendees have said about the school.

Well organized; accomplishes a lot in 2 days.

Learned so much, met great people/contacts and exchanged new ideas.

Kudos! Thank you for all the “before” “during” and “after” efforts to make this such a great conference

So excellent.  I have learned so much!  I hope to share info with my gardeners friends!

All presenters had a lot to offer! Very organized!  Nice to have presentation about lab and site in the beginning of Day 1.