Environmental School

Environmental School Course 1- Save the Date

September 22-23, 2023

Helping members appreciate our environment

The Living Earth Environmental Schools are a series of four courses that investigate Air, Land and Water.  The units are divided into Ecology and Environmental Science, Life on Earth and Earth Stewardship.  Students completing the courses may become NGC Environmental Consultants.

The mission of the Environmental School is to teach environmental literacy to cherish, protect and conserve the living earth. The courses teach participants environmental literacy, appreciation of the natural world, encourages action for sustainable development and appreciation for the interrelation of all natural things. Particular emphasis is presently placed on land conservation, water conservation and air quality.

Environmental Council

After passing two Courses a student may become a Provisional Consultant and join the our Environmental Council. These groups provide programs and tours that further the education of members.

After completing all four Environmental Studies Courses, a Consultant Card is issued recognizing the achievement of NGC member, but does not convey professional status.