Legislation/Action Reports

CFNews February/March 2023

In the new legislative session, 2023, there is another bill, HB5050, meant to protect birds and other wildlife creatures from a slow and panful death calling for banning the intentional release of even one lighter-than-air balloon.

The existing law limits releases to fewer that 10 per person in one day. Violators may be fined $35 plus fees that bring the total cost per violation to $75. They are talking about increasing the fines. We want them stopped.

Representative Irene Haines, co-sponsored by David Michael, has introduced a bill HB 5050 that would ban ALL releases. HB 5050 is an act Prohibiting the release of Helium balloons. That is section 26-25 of the General Statutes be amended to prohibit release of ANY lighter-than-air balloons.  This bill has been introduced many times and has failed to make it out of committee, partly because some legislators believe it is not enforceable. Businesses that sell balloons and promote balloon releases have stymied the proposal.

Let’s bombard the Environmental Committee with phone calls, emails and letters.  Let them know how we feel for the sake of our wildlife and for our Long Island Sound and waterways.  Please contact the Environmental committee or Irene Haines @: irene.haines@housegop.ct.gov and ask them to pass HB 5050.

I need your help getting this bill passed.  It only takes an email and if we all send one….well…we can only hope it will pass.

Gerri Giordano, FGCCT Legislation/Government Action Chair

CFNews - December 2022/January 2023

The following list of Bills and Acts were passed into Connecticut law in October 2022.

  • PA-22-29 HB 5201: An Act concerning public health concerns in the acquisition of water companies. (16 pages)
  • PA 22-143 SB 238: An Act concerning revisions to certain Environment related statutes. (9 pages)
  • PA 22-144 SB241: An Act concerning Boating safety. (1 page)
  • PA22-83 SB116: An Act concerning notification of pesticide applications near lakes and ponds. (1 page)
  • PA22-51 HB5141: An Act concerning the protection of certain Fish species. (1 page)
  • PA22-142 SB 120: An Act concerning the use of Chlorpyrifos on golf courses.
  • SB#00120: Passed to prohibit use of chlorpyrifos on golf courses and for nonagricultural use and to restrict the use of neonicotinoids for nonagricultural use.
  • SB#00241: Boating Laws
  • SB#00004: Reduce carbon emissions
  • PA 21-58 SB 1037: An Act concerning solid waste management. (Will be effective Jan. 1, 2023) (19 pages)

Gerri Giordano, FGCCT Legislation/Government Action Chair