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CFNews - December 2022/January 2023

The following list of Bills and Acts were passed into Connecticut law in October 2022.

  • PA-22-29 HB 5201: An Act concerning public health concerns in the acquisition of water companies. (16 pages)
  • PA 22-143 SB 238: An Act concerning revisions to certain Environment related statutes. (9 pages)
  • PA 22-144 SB241: An Act concerning Boating safety. (1 page)
  • PA22-83 SB116: An Act concerning notification of pesticide applications near lakes and ponds. (1 page)
  • PA22-51 HB5141: An Act concerning the protection of certain Fish species. (1 page)
  • PA22-142 SB 120: An Act concerning the use of Chlorpyrifos on golf courses.
  • SB#00120: Passed to prohibit use of chlorpyrifos on golf courses and for nonagricultural use and to restrict the use of neonicotinoids for nonagricultural use.
  • SB#00241: Boating Laws
  • SB#00004: Reduce carbon emissions
  • PA 21-58 SB 1037: An Act concerning solid waste management. (Will be effective Jan. 1, 2023) (19 pages)

Gerri Giordano, FGCCT Legislation/Government Action Chair