Judges Council

A Forum for Connecticut Flower Show Judges

Judges Council, organized in 1951, provides a forum for Connecticut Flower Show Judges to

  • further the knowledge of the NGC Handbook for Flower Shows, flower show procedures, horticulture and design through research and education.
  • disseminate current information about judging and Handbook changes.
  • exchange knowledge, establish uniformity in decisions and maintain NGC standards of presenting and judging flower shows.
  • encourage and assist member garden clubs of FGCCT, Inc. in presenting flower shows.
  • encourage and mentor those who wish to become judges.
  • sponsor Flower Show Schools and programs such as Beyond Beginning design workshops and support Creative Arrangers of Connecticut.

Judges of all levels, Student Judges and Emeritus Judges are eligible for membership. For a list of the categories of judges, click here. The Council generally meets five times a year, for business and an educational program. Each meeting includes exhibits in design and horticulture to provide opportunities for judging and discussion.  For information about how to become a judge, learn more about Flower Show School

Pay Council Dues and Update Information

For any questions related to Judges Council, please contact
Judges Council Chair, Pat Dray at pat.dray@ctgardenclubs.org or MaryAnn Tyma at maryann.tyma@ctgardenclubs.org

“Please contact Judges Council Credentials Chair Cindy Marien at cindy.marien@ctgardenclubs.org for a list of eligible judges for your show”

Judges Council Meetings may be found on the Events Calendar online.  Click here, then select the State Events category.


2023-2024 YEARBOOK 

Our 72nd year!

Judges Council Yearbook

Four designers created a design of their choice from a mystery box of flowers, foliage and a container. A short overview of the do’s and don’ts of organizing a challenge event was also presented by Trish Manfredi.
Designers: Carolyn Bernard, Larry Huzi, Mary Ellen Unger, & Deb Vallas.