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The Penny Jarvis “Love-ly Garden Award”

The Gardening Consultants Council also judges gardens throughout the state to determine the winner of the FGCCT  LOVE-LY GARDEN Award. This Award is presented to a Gardener who has shown a love of gardening in creating and maintaining her or his garden. Anyone, including a non-garden club member, may nominate the garden of a member who has created and maintained a garden, with that gardener’s permission. A member is welcome to nominate her or his own garden.

The application deadline is June 15th each year.  Gardens will be judges during the summer. For more details and an application, click below.


The Penny Jarvis Love-ly Garden Award

The Penny Jarvis Love-ly Garden Award Winner in 2017

Rodney Hayes presented the 2017 Penny Jarvis Love-ly Garden Award to Shaune Miller at the 2017 Awards Luncheon. Shaune is a member of the Evening Division of the Branford Garden Club.

The focal point of the beautiful garden is a pond and waterfall installed by Shaune and her husband Jan. Many type of evergreens of all shapes, sizes and textures are used to build the bones of the garden.,

As Shaune states, her “overall objective was to create a backyard that  would help downplay  the challenging street noise (Route 1) while also creating a private. living sanctuary that would be inviting and relaxing”.

Shaune has an informal approach and buys what interests her and “what fits within the plants requirements”, sometimes having to ‘create’ a new bed! Her overall intention was to “provide a living, totally organic environment that would provide privacy, be pleasing to our eyes and be a healthy place for our dogs, wildlife and, of course, us.” A true gardener, she lives to be outside and nothing provides her more pleasure than planting and caring for their yard.

The Landscape Design Council’s judges, led by Rodney Hayes,   felt Shaune’s efforts were truly magnificent and the Council and The Federation were very pleased to present her with the 2017 Penny Jarvis Love-ly Garden Award!

Rodney Hayes unveils the 2017 Love-ly Garden Award

Shaune Miller accepts her certificate and award

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after you have completed two of our gardening courses.

The focus of The Gardening Consultants Council is to help its members become accomplished horticulturists. The Council generally meets four times a year with programs and field trips with the goal of increasing the knowledge of, and stimulating interest in horticulture and keeping members informed of advanced gardening techniques.

The Council offers a variety of memberships.

  • Provisional Members are those having successfully completed two or more NGC Gardening Courses. They may remain a Provisional member for not more than five years before qualifying as an active member. Provisional members are not eligible to vote or hold office, but may serve on committees.
  • Active Members are those who have successfully completed all four of the NGC Gardening Courses and therefore, hold a certificate as a Gardening Consultant.

Active and provisional membership in the Gardening Council is limited to members of The Federated Garden Clubs and to affiliated professionals requesting membership. Affiliated members should meet the requirements for provisional status of the Council and intend to finish all four Gardening Study School courses.

  • Associate Members are those persons who wish to participate in Gardening Consultant activities, who have or have not taken Gardening Consultant courses, but who have professional or educational qualifications of equal merit. Associate members may not vote or hold office.