Environmental Council

The Environmental Council is the newest of the four FGCCT Councils.  Its goal is to continue educating members on issues facing the environment and in exploring solutions for these issues. Consultants can now pay Council Dues and Update Personal Information Online.
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Take two of the Environmental Courses we offer and you will be eligible to join our meetings and trips.

Environmental Council’s

Visit to Laurel Ridge

 Wednesday, May 2, 2018 some members of the Environmental Council met to walk around a farm developed by Polly Brooks’ Mother-and-Father-in Law, Virginia and Remy Morosani. First we walked around a pond with a ghost beaver lodge, hoping to catch sight of the bittern (who hid). We did see Canada Geese and Mallards, and heard a Bullfrog as well as the expected peepers.
Next we visited the Narcissi Plantings begun with 10,000 bulbs of more than fifty varieties in 1941. It was hardly the peak as spring has taken its sweet time this year. Still, the temperatures surprised us. We believe the high for the day was in the 90s.