Beyond Beginning Design Workshops

More Popular than Ever!

Take the fear out of learning design

When the Beyond Beginning (BB) Floral Design Workshops were conceived, the name was chosen to describe someone who knew a little bit about creative design but wanted to learn more.  That someone wanted to learn “what makes a design creative, how do I put it together, what are the newest techniques, where can I buy supplies, what makes a good design and where can I practice”?

The workshops are lively two or two-and-a-half-hour-sessions scheduled 8 or 9 times a year.  Topics have included “Leaf Manipulation,” “Working with Weathered Wood,” and “Creativity from Initial Concept to Completed Design and What Happens in Between.” Not only do participants learn from the instructor, they also learn from each other.

At the end of the session, small groups mentored by a judge view each design as if it were at a flower show. They critique the designs using the Principles and Elements of Design. All is done in good spirit, with the sole intention of increasing your understanding of good design.

Design Workshops in 2020

Creative Floral Design, Floral Jewelry, Mechanics, Designs using Floral Mesh or Wood….are you interested in learning something new in Floral Design? Beyond Beginning Floral Design Workshops will have several options in 2020. We hope you’ll join in the fun and let your creative spirit free.

INTRO TO CREATIVE DESIGN workshops will be held in Litchfield, New Haven and  Old Saybrook. The INTRO classes are specifically aimed at those who want more practice and self-confidence. You do not have to take an INTRO class before taking other classes, if you have some floral design experience.


2020 Workshop Schedule Coming Soon

The Beyond Beginning Floral Design Workshops began in Fall, 2015.  They were started by the Design Coordinator of the State Flower Show with the help of three other CT Flower Show Judges.  The goal was to provide a learning environment that would encourage creativity and enable participants to practice.  All supplies are provided.   NGC Accredited Judges from Connecticut demonstrate a specific design, but offer alternative ways to use the materials in the design to encourage individual creativity.

In a recent state Flower Show, 22 participants from BB workshops entered designs.  Of those 22, several went on to win NGC Top Exhibitor Design Awards, including the Design of Excellence, Designer’s Choice, Table Artistry, and Artistic Craft.

This is proof that these workshops really increase design skill.  Consider signing up for these popular workshops now.