How to Raise Funds

Club members at our State-wide Idea Exchange Symposiums developed a long list of ways they raise funds for their clubs.  Their ideas may be of help to you.  Or you may have other ideas to add to the list. If so, please contact us with the fund raiser that worked for your club, and we’ll add it to the list.


  • The annual plant sale is the major fundraiser for most clubs.
  • Have a “collector’s” table at the plant sale offering higher-priced premium plants.
  • Tag sale
  • Bake sale
  • “Shady Ladies” hosta sale
  • Holiday boutique
  • Decorated wreaths and greens
  • Cookbook – create and sell
  • Calendars with photos (contest) or Calendar with gardening tips
  • “Recycle and Re-use” ─ totes made out of empty bird seed bags.
  • Bulb sale
  • Bird seed sale ─ take orders in August/deliver in October  (purchase at wholesale.)
  • Sale of succulents/planters
  • Hold a Flower Exhibit, not a Flower Show, and auction off the floral designs made and donated by members.


  • Holiday or summer garden teas
  • House/Garden tours ─ in collaboration with other organizations, e.g., historical society.
  • Unusual tours – garages with exotic/classic cars
  • Fashion Show
  • Wine tasting at a vineyard with a garden party.
  • Auction or raffle – e.g., vacation home
  • Silent auction
  • Farm Dinner – $50/$60 per person.  Donations of music, rental glasses, plates, wine, tents
  • Tea at which members create their own table ─ china, linens, floral arrangement.  Include music.
  • Hold a luncheon with a distinguished speaker


  • Apply for grants for qualifying projects ─ FGCCT, NGC, DEEP, state and towns.
  • Request donations from other organizations
  • Request goods such as potting mix from a nursery for plant sale, basic containers/oasis from a florist for garden therapy projects, etc.).


  • Utilize your tax-exempt status to purchase items for club use to eliminate paying sales tax.
  • If buying items for resale (five events per year are permitted), purchase without paying tax with proper forms.
  • Use “Square” or other online payment processor for handling credit card payments.
  • Publicity is important to the success of your fundraiser.
  • Sell advertising in the program booklet for your club event.