How to Publicize Your Event

Increase Attendance! Tell Your Story!

Every effort will be made to assist our member clubs to publicize their upcoming programs and events.   Here are some ways to do that.

  • Place your event on the FGCCT Website EVENTS calendar…FREE

You can now submit your club events online!

Submit a Club Event

You may send events weeks or months in advance.  Calendar events will be placed online once every two weeks.

  • Distribute Flyers at the State Meetings…FREE

Flyers may be placed at the membership table in the foyer before entering the dining room at the FGCCT Annual or Awards Meeting at the Aqua Turf Club or at the events at the CT Agricultural Experiment Station. No materials are to be placed on dining tables or chairs.

  • Distribute Flyers at the CT Flower Show…FREE

approved in advance by the FGCCT First Vice President. Not appropriate for Plant sales and May Markets.  Size limited to 8 1/2 x 11″ in tri-fold format.

  • Advertise in the CFNews…Discounted Ad Rate for Clubs

Connecticut Federation NEWS is distributed every other month. Deadlines for articles or advertising are January 10th, March 10th, May 10th, July 10th, September 10th, and November 10th for the next month’s issue.

Because the CFNews is distributed electronically, as of November 2018, there is only one size for advertising. It is full-color and full width of the newsletter.

As before, Clubs and Affiliate event ads are discounted 40% from the non-member advertising rate.  The one-size ad rate is now:

  $90 for Clubs and Affiliates

$150 for all others

Send advertising to the FGCCT Office at Images should be high resolution; for best online viewing, 1200 by 800 pixels is a good average size.  Please send your file as a JPEG OR PNG.

  • Send an e-mail to club presidents, but only those in the immediate geographical area.

A survey of Garden Club Presidents indicated that most feel the email list of club presidents should be used judiciously to distribute information or to extend invitations. Information to be distributed statewide should instead be placed in the CFNEWS or on the Website Events calendar.

  • Send a Press Release to your Local Newspaper

If you need help writing a Press Release, contact the FGCCT Publicity Chair.

  • Distribute flyers or posters at local community locations such as libraries or garden centers.

  • Feature upcoming events on your own website or other social media.

Try to keep the information updated and current.