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Now you can search by topic! And send in reviews online!

The Directory of Speakers may be found below. The list is in alphabetic order by last name or company name. You have the ability to search – by speaker name,  topic (e.g., birds, herbs, organic) and virtual presentations (just type the word “virtual” in the search field).

To begin a search, click on START NEW SEARCH, then type the search criteria into search field on the left and use the ENTER key to activate the search.

Frequently asked Questions offers additional information about the Speakers Directory.  Field Trips in Ct provides a list of nearby parks, gardens and historic locations that might be of interest to club members.

To PRINT information on any one speaker, first click on the button MORE INFORMATION for that speaker.

Of special note during these times of virtual presentations, remember that clubs must get permission from speakers in writing to record their presentations.

Don’t forget to click on MORE INFORMATION for each speaker to see details, such as type of presentation and speaker qualifications. It is recommended that you contact speakers about additional topics and to determine if there are any expenses in addition to the fee listed.  A contract with your speaker is recommended.

Publicizing your event is suggested. Ways on how to do that are provided below.

To make this Directory even more valuable to clubs, please always evaluate/review speakers as soon as possible after you’ve heard their presentation by submitting an Online Review Form (below). Club Presidents can submit a more in-depth review or suggest a speaker to add to our directory by completing and mailing the printable Review Form (below). Reviews should include positive comments and areas of concern. They will be posted in summary upon review of the Program Chair.  (Note: All except Online Review links require Member logon.)