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Q. How are speakers selected for the Directory?

A. The list of speakers is managed by the FGCCT Program Chair based on input from our membership.

Q. When can a speaker be added to the Directory?

A. Anytime – now that it is online.  Once the information has been submitted to the Program Chair and the small fee collected from the speaker, the name, contact information and topics may be added to the Directory.

Q. We had a great speaker recently; why isn’t she/he on the list?

A. Please send the information about that speaker to the Program Chair.  The Speaker Review Form can be used for this purpose.  Speakers can be added to the list anytime now that it is online.  Other Connecticut clubs will appreciate your recommendation, especially of a great speaker!

Q. Why aren’t there any reviews in the Directory for the speaker that our club is considering?

A. Reviews online are a fairly new thing.  Please send in reviews for any speakers your club has in the future.  This will make the list increasingly valuable.

Q. What if my club’s evaluation of a speaker is terrible? Should I submit it?

A.  Like judging a design in a flower show, there is always something positive to say.  Start with that and then kindly discuss what  would have improved the speaker’s presentation.  Also, remember that what wasn’t of interest to your club may still be of interest to another club.  Your review will help make the decision.

Q. What else in the Directory might be of help to my club?

A. There is a list of locations in the area that would make a great field trip for your club.  Click on the “Field Trips in CT” button on the Program Speakers Directory page.  If you visit interesting gardens or historic sites within a reasonable traveling distance, feel free to recommend them for inclusion in our list.  Email the FGCCT Office and indicate “Attn: Program Chair.

Don’t forget the new features of the directory, which allow you to search by topic and by speaker’s name or company.  The most recent (2020) addition to the Directory  is the identification of Virtual Presentations – just search for “virtual.”

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