Installation of 52nd President and Board

The Westport Garden Club, established in 1924, installed its 52nd President and Board at its first in person meeting this year. The annual luncheon was held outdoors at the Cedar Point Yacht Club with centerpieces provided by prospective members accompanied by clippings from member gardens for a plant lover’s swap.

Newly elected President Ginger Donaher is a third-generation member of the club. Her grandmother Georgiana Gault was an active member for over forty years, Ginger’s mother Nancy Gault served as President from 1991-1993, and her aunt Judy Sterling served from 1983-85. Cousin Kelly Pollard is currently a Prospective Member and has already stepped up to co-chair Hospitality for the 2021-2023 term. Yes, Polly! We grow gardens and gardeners!

Kelle Ruden
Westport Garden Club

November 2021

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