Litchfield Garden Club Welcomes Floral Artist Claire Won Kang.

The Litchfield Garden Club held its March Membership Meeting at the Litchfield Community Center on Thursday, March 17th. Susan Magary, President and Sylvia Abbott, Floral Design Chair (standing in for Julia Metcalf, Program Chair), welcomed award winning floral artist Claire Won Kang who gave a live floral design presentation.

Throughout her career as a floral artist, Claire Won Kang has achieved the highest accolades in her endless pursuit of artistic expression. Her last thirty years are marked by exceptional and lasting contributions to the floral design industry. Claire’s signed copies of her book, Wonness, stunningly illustrated with breathtaking photographs of her creations that “…reflect a way of approaching our lives as a symphony of colors, textures, shapes and stories that express our infinite sense of wonder, possibilities and oneness.” Clair, who emigrated from Korea, donated her speaker fee and proceeds from her book sales to help the Ukrainian war effort.