Awards by Deadline

Awards Deadlines

Don't miss your opportunity to apply! Revised for 2020 Awards

January 15
Youth Poetry, Sculpture and Essay Contest Entries
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January 15
Smokey Bear/Woodsy Owl Posters
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January 25
Publicity Press Books
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March 15
*Love-ly Garden Nominations
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April 1
Annual Reports from Club Presidents
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Reports are referred by category to Awards Committee Members for consideration.
May 1
Bronze Medal Nominations
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May 31
Award Applications by Category
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Applications are referred by category to Awards Committee Chairs for consideration.
May 31 *Tribute Awards – All Categories
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June 15
Excellence in Landscape Design Nominations
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July 1 State (FGCCT) Scholarship Applications
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October 1 Yearbook/Program (3 copies)
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October 1 Newsletters (3 issues)
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October 1 Other Publications or Media
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