FGCCT Bronze Medal Winners 1935 - Present

1935 Madam Aria of Greenwich Flower Arrangement – Rockefeller Center
1936 Wilton Garden Club Civic – Garden Center
1936 Mrs. Ellen B. Carder – Cheshire GC Horticulture – Primula
1937 Mrs. Helen Binney Kitchel Civic – Binney Park
1939 Dr. George C Avery Horticulture – Connecticut Arboretum
1940 Spring Glen Garden Club Civic – Eli Whitney Park
1941 Mr. Alex Cummings Horticulture – Bristol Nurseries
1943 Cheshire Garden Club Civic – Planting Town Center
1945 Mrs. Edward Emerson Horticulture – Research on corn
1946 Fairfield Garden Club Civic – Highway planting
1947 West Hartford Garden Club Civic – Town Center Planting
1948 New London Garden Club Civic – Tree planting
1954 Mr. Arthur Harmont Graves Horticulture – Plant breeding
1955 Mrs James R. Balsley Conservation
1956 Mr. Richard H. Goodwin Horticulture
1957 Mrs. Helen V. Cascio Garden Club Activity – State & National
1958 Mr. Richard Hooper Pough Conservation
1959 Mrs. Corrine P. Macdonald Horticulture
1960 Mr. Rudi Favretti Horticulture (and Landscape Design)
1961 Mrs. Mary W. Keever Garden Club Activity – State & National
1963 Mr. William H. White Conservation
1964 Mrs. Gertrude Kerstru Garden Club Activity
1965 Mrs. Irving N. Fisher Garden Club Activity
1966 Dr. Samuel G. Horsfall Director of Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station
1968 Mrs. Gilbert E. Ashley Garden Club Activity, State
1969 Mrs. Avery Rockefeller Conservation, State
1970 Mrs. Woolsey S. Conover Conservation, State
1971 Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Clark Conservation, State
1972 Joseph Ward Conservation – Land Trust Commissioner
1973 Laura Wetmore (Mrs. Van Dyke) Garden Club Activity, State & National
1974 Ida Preston (Mrs. Thomas) Garden Club Activity & Horticulture
1975 The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station 100th Anniversary
1976 Mary Yocher (Mrs. Emil) – Cheshire GC Garden Club Activity, State
1977 Joan Hanas (Mrs. Christy) State, National, Regional
1978 Dr. William A Niering Conservation & Ecology, State & National
1979 Senator Russel Lee Post, Jr. Environmental Legislation (Bottle Bill)
1980 Ellsworth S. Grant Historic and Environmental Education
1981 Dr. John F. Anderson Scientific achievements/biological controls
1982 Dr. Hugo F. Thomas Author of CT’s revised Water Quality Standards and Criteria
1983 Helen Marx Created New Milford Conservation Commission and Weantinoge Heritage Found.
1984 Dr. Charles R. Frink Studied effect of PCB’s and Co-authored legislative task force on Acid Rain
1985 Tekla Tedesco – Cheshire GC Involved in numerous organizations; created Begonia “Tekla T”
1986 Dr. Paul Waggoner Author of many scientific papers on Pests and Pathogenic Control
1987 Donna Kindgren Founding member of Ansonia Conservation & Inland Wetland Commission
1988 Betty Stevens CT Hort. Society; National Herb Soc. of America; Hartford College for Women
1989 Mary Beth Wheeler Chaired Committee on Preservation List of Connecticut Wild Plants
990 Joseph J. Maisano Jr. Created first Master Gardener Training program in Connecticut
1991 E. Robert Gregan Landscape Design – New Haven, Instructor, Landscape Design School
1992 Christian Rendeiro Established Hamden’s Spring Festival and Thanksgiving Recognition Event
1993 Dr. Richard A. Jaynes Horticulture (Kalmia latifolia)
1994 Frederick and Mary Ann McGourty Author, Editor of numerous books on Horticulture; TV
1995 Dick and Lee Bauerfeld Founder and Chairmen of numerous conservation and civic Groups
1996 Doug & Karen Van Dyke Environmental Awareness – Owners of Deep River Marina
1997 Dr. Leslie John Mehrhoff UCONN – Consultant CT Endangered and Invasive List
1998 Dr. Nickolas Nickou Collector of many botanical species worldwide; author in Horticulture
1999 Nancy DuBrule Horticulture, Gardening Studies Instructor
2000 Dr. Louis A. Magnarelli Environment – Mosquito research – CAES
2001 John Spain Founder, CT Cactus & Succulent Soc, sharing C&S knowledge with CT judges
2002 Joyce Harris, GC New Haven Horticulture & Garden Club Activity
2003 Edith Meffley Ridgefield GC Landscape Design
2004 Gordon Loery Conservation, White Memorial Preserve
2005 John Alexopoulos UCONN Sch Landscape Design, Landscape Design Studies instructor
2006 Sidney Eddison CT Garden Writer
2007 Donna Ellis Co-Director CT Invasive Plant Working Group
2008 Kenneth J. Metzler DEP Botanist, Consultant, 2004 ed. Endangered/Invasive List
2009 David Sutherland CT Nature Conservancy Director of Governmental Relations
2010 Bill Duesing Northeast Organic Farming Assn CT Director
2011 Helen Pritchard (Danbury GC) GC activity, State, Regional, National
2012 Dr. Robert Ricard Instructor in Gardening Studies and Environmental Studies
2013 Dr. Casper Ultee Renowned Botanist, Preservationist, Rare Plant Specialist
2014 Terry Stoleson Nationally Accredited Master Flower Show Judge; Pres. CT Mycological Soc.
2015 Dr. Oswald Joseph Schmitz Yale Prof. Population & Community Ecology, Forestry, Env.Stud.
2016 Margaret Larom Designer and Creator of Food for All Garden project in Clinton
2017 Dr. Theodore Andreadis Scientist & Dir. Agric. Exp. Station; Discoverer of West Nile Virus
2018 Jeffrey Maron Designer, Director and Manager of Wickham Park, Manchester, CT
2019 Eliot Wadsworth II Litchfield Hills Greenprint Collaborative
2020 Jane von Trapp Chief Executive Officer, Bartlett Arboretum & Gardens
2021 Lynn Werner Executive Director, Housatonic Valley Association
2022 Susan Quincy Environmental Educator, CT DEEP