2024 Flower Show Archive

Bring on the Heat
, Division I – Design
Wakeup-Stretch Out, Division II – Horticulture
Mental Changes, Division III – Education
Seize the Opportunity, Division IV – Botanical Arts:
Turn up Your Creativity, Artistic Crafts
Frame Your Masterpiece, Photography

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Bring on the Heat - Division I Design

Section A, Petite Design - Pump it Up

Class 1: Piercing Sunbeams – Petite Line Design

Class 2:  Pie in the Sky – Petite Abstract Design

Class 3: Candied Bliss – Petite Mass Design

Section B, Up Your Game

Class 4:  Baseball Craze – Petite Angular Design

Class 5:  Hula Hoop Antics – Petite Design

Class 6:  Double Dutch – Petite Design

Section C - Off the Grid

Class 7:  Hammer & Saw/Nuts & Bolts – Creative Design

Class 8:  Stripes & Plaids – Exhibition Table

Class 9:  Hot Neon Lights – Luminary Design

Section D - Hustle and Bustle

Class 10:  Rhythm of the Day – Multi-Rhythmic Disign

Class 11:  Vibrant Explosions – Creative Deisgn

Class 12:  Tantalizing Tango – Creative Design

Section E Lemonade and Lawnchairs

Class 13:  Doodle Bunnies Novice Class – Creative Design

Class 14:  Zinnia Days Novice Class – Creative Design

Class 15:  Daydreaming – Reflective Design

Section F Spring Cleaning, Club Competition

Class 16:  Spring Cleaning Club Competition



Wakeup-Stretch Out

Division II Horticulture Ribbon Winners

Section A – Sands of Time (Cacti), Section B – Gem Dandies (Succulents), Section C – Double Delights (Miniature Cacti & Succulents), Section D – Proud Peacocks (Orchids), Section E – Silver Lace (Container grown – Foliage), Section F – Amethyst Jewels (Container grown – Flowering), Section G – Ground Thawing (Dwarf of Miniature Container Grown – Flowering), Section H – Velvet Touches (Dwarf or Miniature Flowering), Section I – Lush and Verdant (Forced Bulbs, Tubers, Rhizomes), Section J – Bold Emeralds (Arboreals – Broadleaf Evergreens), Section K – Buds Bursting (Arboreals – Needled Evergreens), Section L – Suede (Forced or Winter Blooming Branches), Section M – Green Queens (Dwarf or Miniature Arboreals), Section N –High Drama (Dwarf or Miniature Arboreals Cut), Section O –Honey and Smoke  (Foliage Cut) and Section P – Spring Glow (“Flowering Cut) and Section Q – Temperature Rising ( Care for Your Air-Grace Your Home with House Plants)


Classes: 1 – A Change in the Air; 2 – Hope Rekindled; 3 – Positive Attitude and 4 – State of Mind

FUN IN THE GARDEN - Division IV Botanical Arts

Section A - Artistic Crafts

Class 1:  Ring My Bell

Class 2:  Floral Embroidery

Class 3:  It’s a Wrap

Section B - Photography

Add your entries to The Federation’s FS Archive by emailing high-resolution photos to: shelley.hedberg@ctgardenclubs.org.

Class 1:  Seascape

Class 2: Starry Night


Class 3: Water Lilies

Class 4: Flaming June

Class 5: Cloud Studies


Class 6: Birth of Venus


Class 7: The Garden of Earthly Delights



Class 8: Farm Garden