Gateway to Springtime - 41st Annual CT Flower Show Exhibits

An NGC Standard Flower Show, February 2023


Inspiration Beyond the Garden Gates, Division I Horticulture

Timeless Flowers, Division II Design

Gardening  Friends, Division III – Education

Fun in the Garden, Division IV – Artistic Crafts & Photography: Gardening Accessories and
Garden Worlds Remembered

Inspirations Beyond the Garden Gates

Division I Horticulture Ribbon Winners

Section A– Sundial Herb Garden (Cacti), Section B – Promisek’s Garden at Three Rivers Farm (Succulents), Section C – Middletown Nature Gardens (Miniature Cacti & Succulents), Section D – Harkness Memorial State Park (Orchids), Section E – Webb-Deane-Stevens Colonial Revival Garden (Container grown – Foliage), Section F – The Gertrude Jeykl Garden (Container grown – Flowering), Section G –Botanical Garden of Healing (Dwarf of Miniature Container Grown – Flowering), Section H – Wicked Tulip Flower Farm (Forced Bulbs, Tubers, Rhizomes), Section I – Wickham Park (Arboreals – Broadleaf Evergreens), Section J – Bartlett Arboretum & Gardens (Arboreals – Needled Evergreens), Section K – Marsh Botanical Garden at Yale (Arboreals – Forced or Winter Blooming Branches), Section L –Florence Griswold Museum Gardens (Dwarf or Miniature Needled Evergreens), Section M – Elizabeth Park (Other Dwarf or Miniature Arboreals), Section N -Lavender Pond Farm (Combination Planters), Section O -Walnut Hill Rose Garden  (Arboreal Collection), and Section P – Connecticut College Arboretum (“We Grow Gardeners” Club Competition).


Section A, Petite Design - Spring Mornings

Class 1: Rising Early – A Parallel Design

Class 2:  Dewdrops – A Reflective Design

Class 3: Robins Arriving – A Tubular Design

Section B, Petite Design - Midsummer Evenings, Creative Designs

Class 4:  Cool Breezes

Class 5:  Cool Cocktails

Class 6:  Cool Music

Section C - Sky Times

Class 7:  Sunrise – A Traditional Mass Design (Novice Class)

Class 8:  Sunset – A Grouped Mass Design

Class 9:  Moonrise – A Creative Line Mass Design

Section D - Special Times

Class 10:  Time for Games – A Creative Design (Novice Class)

Class 11:  A Time for Love – An Exhibition 1/2 Table Design

Class 12:  Time for Gardening – A Featured Plant Material Design

Section E Dining in the Garden, Club Competition

Class 13:  A Bruch Buffet Among the Butterflies


Classes: We Grow Gardens and Gardeners, Gardeners with Green Thumbs, Gardeners with Patience, The Gardening Experts and Community Gardeners.

FUN IN THE GARDEN - Division IV Botanical Arts

Section A - Artistic Crafts

Class 1:  A Garden Sun Hat

Class 2:  A Garden Boot

Class 3:  A Bee Pin

Section B - Photography

Classes:  Into the World, Water World, Evergreen World, Flowering World, Shared World and Micro World. (Photographers who want competition photos posted here, contact