President’s Message

30 November 2022

President’s Message

CFNews December/January 2022



Golden the light on the book on her knee
Finger-marked pages of Rackham’s Hans Andersen
Time for the children to come down for tea.”
— John Betjeman

This is the time of year the winds funnel up the leaves from the ground and try to put them back on the trees, every tree drawn by Arthur Rackham, the time we need soft lamplight in the afternoon, coupled with the instinct to curl up with a good book… if only our overbooked holiday season calendars would allow it.

I’ve been instructed to keep this short and sweet. The “book” I suggest to you
is the schedule for our February Flower Show, “Gateway to Springtime.” Surely you know to go to to download it.

Why? I hear the Design classes are largely spoken for. However, however,
in the Horticulture Division, there are Sections to investigate. Look at Section H –
Wicked Tulip Flower Farm (Preston) FORCED BULBS, TUBERS, RHIZOMES.
Check out Section K – Marsh Botanical Garden at Yale (New Haven) – ARBOREALS – Forced or Winter Blooming Branches.

You’ll need more time to try and fail and try again than a suggestion February 1, 2023, (the next CFNews) will give you.

Are you a Novice? (The schedule defines that.) Google “Forcing Branches to Bloom.” There are YouTube videos, too. Perhaps your club has a Hortie who will mentor you. Suggestion: do not choose a branch which looks as though Arthur Rackham drew it.

Pore over the Schedule. Enter. Ooooh. You just earned a ticket to the show!

Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Healthy New Year!

Polly Brooks