RHYTHM AND BLOOMS - 40th Annual CT Flower and Garden Show Exhibits

An NGC Standard Flower Show, February 2022


The Orchestra, Division I Horticulture
9 Sections, 49 Classes, 213 Entries

Music in Bloom, Division II Design
52 Entries

Music Lessons, Division III – Education
11 Entries

Musical Inspirations, Division IV – Botanical Arts,
12 Entries

Musical Memories, Section B. Photography
67 Entries


Division I Horticulture Ribbon Winners

Section A– The Horns (Cacti), Section B – The Trombones (Succulents), Section C – The Flutes (Orchids), Section D – The Harps (Forced Bulbs, Tubers, Rhizomes), Section E – The Drums (Container grown – Foliage), Section F – The Saxophones (Container grown – Flowering), Section G – The Pianos (Arboreals – Broadleaf Evergreens), Section H – The Violins (Arboreals – Needled Evergreens), Section I – The Trumpets (Arboreals – Forced or Winter Blooms)

MUSIC IN BLOOM - Division II Design

Section A, Petite Design - Children's Songs

Class 1: Itsy, Bitty Spider

Class 2:  Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

Class 3: I’m a Little Teapot


Section B, Petite Design - Movie Music

Class 4:  Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head

Class 5:  Staying Alive

Class 6:  Happy

Section C - Broadway Musicals

Class 7: Phantom of the Opera

Class 8: Mama Mia

Class 9:  Cabaret

Section D - Music to Dance By

Class 10:  Boot Scootin’ Boogie

Class 11:  Flashdance

Class 12:  Line Dancing Evening

Section E, Club Competition - Music at the Ball Park

Class 13:  Take Me Out to the Ball Park

MUSIC LESSONS - Division III Education

MUSICAL INSPIRATIONS - Division IV Botanical Arts

Section A - Artistic Crafts

Class 1:  Water Music

Class 2:  Musical Notes

Class 3:  Humming a Tune

Section B - Photography