Annual Meeting – Virtually Speaking

15 April 2020

Today, April 15, should have been a day for getting together and celebrating all that is great with garden clubs across the state. The Federation’s Annual Meeting is a date that’s circled on everyone’s calendar as a not-to-be-missed event. It’s an opportunity to gather and share our love of gardening and garden clubs, as well as friendships forged over the years and to enjoy a superb speaker.

It’s such a disappointment that we had to cancel the meeting, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate in our own individual ways today. Let’s pay homage to the bonds that bring us closer together. With most clubs canceling programs and meetings through June and beyond, it is vitally important to remain connected during this time of unknowns.

Reach out to other club members. Check in on elderly members. Share your love of gardening with neighbors. Pour your energies into planning fall meetings. Rethink your gardens by including “Victory Gardens” this year. Relieve stress and anxiety by being one with your gardens. Find serenity in the beauty of nature. Keep your club going through interactions – find a safe way to exchange plants or have Zoom conferences to catch-up.

Although we’re not physically together today at the Aqua Turf Club, we’re together in spirit. It’s important that we continue to look forward and not lose the soul of our clubs and the members that make them special.

Times like these either bring people together or break them apart. I know that we’re going to come out of this pandemic in a far better and stronger place, much like our gardens bursting forth this spring with the promise of a great growing season.

Take care of one another and share the bounty of our vegetable and flower gardens all throughout the spring, summer and fall. Be there for one another.

Arlene Field