Division I - Horticulture

Connecticut Historic Gardens


Over 300 specimens were entered in the 2020 Division I, Horticulture competition. The Sections consisted of:
Section A- Bellamy-Ferriday House and Garden, North Bethlehem: Cacti
Section B- Butler-McCook House and Garden, Hartford: Succulents
Section C- Florence Griswold Museum and Gardens: Miniature cacti and succulents
Section D- Glebe House Museum and the Gertrude Jekyll Garden, Woodbury: Orchids
Section E- Harkness Memorial State Park, Waterford: Forced bulbs, tubers, rhizomes
Section F- Hill-Stead Museum and Garden, Farmington: Container grown-foliage
Section G- Osborne Homestead Museum and Kellogg Environmental Center, Derby: Container grown- flowering
Section H- Phelps-Hatheway House and Garden, Suffield: Dwarf or miniature plants
Section I- Promisek at Three Rivers Farm, Bridgewater: Arboreals- Broadleaf evergreens
Section J- Roseland Cottage, Woodstock: Arboreals- Needled evergreens
Section K- Stanley-Whitman House, Farmington: Arboreals- Forced or winter blooming branches
Section L- Thankful Arnold House Museum, Haddam: Dwarf or miniature arboreals
Section M- Webb-Deane-Stevens Museum, Wethersfield: Heritage plants
Section N- Weir Farm National Historic Site: Judges’ Challenge
Section O- Harriet Beecher Stowe Center, Hartford: Combination planters
Section P- Wells-Shipman-Ward House and Garden, South Glastonbury: Club horticultural competition – Displays

Division II - Design

Inspirations from the Landscape

Section A – Cityscapes in Green – Eligible for Petite Award

Class 1. “Influences of Frederick Law Olmsted” –  A Petite Design

Class 2. “Elizabeth Park Blooms”- A Petite Design

Class 3. “Carousel at Lighthouse Point Park” – A Petite Design

Section B – From Fields and Orchards – Eligible for Petite Award

Class 4. “Shopping at the Farmers’ Market” – A Petite Still Life Design

Class 5. “Strawberry Moon” – A Petite Creative Mass Design

Class 6. “Spring Salads” – A Petite Group Mass Design

Section C – Exploring the Byways – Eligible for Table Artistry Award

Class 7. “Enjoying the Connecticut Wine Trail” a Functional Table

Class 8. “Dinner at the Farm with Friends” an Alfresco Table

Class 9. “Sundae Drive Along the Connecticut Ice Cream Trail” an Exhibition Table

Section D – In the Green Hills – Eligible for Designer’s Choice Award

Class 10. “The Philip Johnson House” – A Transparency Design

Class 11. “The Litchfield Jazz Festival” – A Multi-Rhythmic  Design

Class 12. “Kent Falls” – A Floor Design

Section E – Along the Flowing Rivers – Eligible for Designer’s Choice Award

Class 13. “Meadow Breezes” – A Featured Plant Material Design

Class 14. “River Fest Fireworks” An Illuminary Design

Class 15. “Riverboat Cruises” A Reflective Design

Section F  – Down on the Shore – Eligible for Designer’s Choice Award

Class 16. “Sea Breezes and Beach Umbrellas” –  A Creative Design

Class 17. “Sailboats and Sunsets” –  A Creative Design

Class 18. “Fly Fishing Fun” – A Creative Design

Section G –  Roaming on the Weekend – Eligible for Club Competition Award

Class 19. “Following the Connecticut Antique Trail” – A Vignette

Division III, Education Awards

What Nature Teaches Us


Theme of Arlene Field, FGCCT President, 2019-2021

Classes for 2020 were:  Out with Invasives: In with Natives, Nurturing Spring Blooms, Being Green Thumbs, Guarding Our Futures and  A Hand Up to Little Sprouts.

Division IV Botanical Arts

Spring Sunshine & Showers

Botanical Arts combine artistic crafts (which must be objects with a function) and photography (open to all members of National Garden Clubs).

Section A – Artistic Crafts, Transformations

Class 1. “Homes for Feathered Friends”

Class 2.  “A Hat for the Garden Party”

Class 3. “Jewels for a Garden Party”

Section B – Photography, A Sense of Place  – Eligible for Botanical Arts Photography Award, CT Photography Award and the Cheryl Collins Photography Award

Class 1.  “Glacial Till” – A photograph highlighting rock formations


Class 2. “A River Runs Through It” – A photograph of flora, fauna or insects associated with lakes, streams and rivers

Class 3. “Robin’s Kin” – A photograph featuring  a bird(s) of Connecticut

Class 4. “A Kingdom of Small Jewels” – A photograph featuring insect(s), amphibian(s) or spider(s)

Class 5.  “The Monarch of the Wood” – A photograph of any plant or plant part (including flower, fruit or seed) in the genus Querces

Class 6. “Mountain Laurel and Kin” – A photograph of any plant or plant part (including flower, fruit or seed) in the family Ericaceae.

Landscape Design Competition

Landscape Design Council’s winner “Aqua Scapes”