Division I Horticulture

Chestnuts in Blossom

Over 300 specimens were entered in the 2019 Division I, Horticulture competition.  The Sections consisted of  Section A – Jardin des Tuileries: cacti; Section B – Bois de Boulogne:  succulents; Section C – Champ-de-Mars:  miniature cacti & succulents; Section D – Jardin des Champs-Elysees:  orchids; Section E – Parc Monceau:  forced bulbs, tubers, rhizomes; Section F – Parc des Buttes Chaumont:  container grown-foliage; Section G – Jardin des Plantes:  container grown-flowering; Section H – Bois de Vincennes:  dwarf or miniature plants; Section I – Parc des Buttes-Chaumont:  arboreals; Section J – Jardin de Palais Royal:  dwarf or miniature arboreals; Section K – Parc Montsouris:  heritage plants;  Section L – The Trocadero Gardens:  Judges’ Challenge and Section M – Park de Belleville:  combination planters.

Pictured are the top award-winning horticulture exhibits.


Division II - Design

La Ville Lumiere - City of Light

Division III, Education Awards

La Sorbonne

Class 1. Fraternité:  Vermicomposting – 1st Place and Education Award of Excellence; The Saved Seed – 2nd Place; Ban Balloons – 3rd Place

Class 2. Opportunité:  CT Daylily Society – 1st Place and CT Silver and Blue Award; CT Rose Society – 2nd Place; Rhododendron Society of CT – 3rd Place

Class 3. Liberté:  Windsor African Violet Society – 1st Place and Judges Special Award; CT Cactus and Succulent Society – 2nd Place; Orchid Society – 3rd Place

Class 4. Égalité:  Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station (CAES) – 1st Place; Connecticut Invasive Plant Working Group (CIPWG) – 2nd Place

Class 5. Justice:  Lutz Children Museum – Honorable Mention

Division IV Botanical Arts

Museum of Decorative Arts

Botanical Arts combine artistic crafts (which must be objects with a function) and photography (open to all members of National Garden Clubs).

Section A – Artistic Crafts,  L’ATELIER DES ROIS – THE WORKSHOP OF THE KINGS – Eligible for Botanical Arts Artistic Crafts Award

Class 1. “Comme Toujours, Marie Antionette” – As Always, Marie Antionette

Class 2. “La Joie de Collectionner” – The Joy of Collecting

Class 3. “A Oui Bit of Royalty”


Section B – Photography, Le Petit Prince  – Eligible for Botanical Arts Photography Award, CT Photography Award and the Cheryl Collins Photography Award

Class 1.  Where Are the People? – A photograph of succulent, desert or xeriscape plant(s)


Class 2. The Song of the Pulley – A photograph highlighting water in the garden

Class 3. Anything Essential is Invisible to the Eye – A close-up photograph of a plant or insect that reveals a hidden world or unique perspective

Class 4. All the Stars are Blossoming – A photograph of a stellate flower(s)

Class 5.  No Thicker than a Finger – A photograph of a vining or climbing plant.

Class 6.  How Lovely You Are! A photograph of any plant or plant part in the family Rosaceae except the genus Rosa