CT Flower Show – More publicity

24 February 2018

The Connecticut Flower and Garden Show received significant coverage in the media, including a TV interview with Mary Ellen Unger and a radio interview before the show with Cathy Ritch. Also there are  number of YouTube videos of the show that you can see from here.

As long as the media keeps these interviews on their site, you will be able to get to them from here.

To see the News 8, Good Morning Connecticut interview with FGCCT’s Mary Ellen Unger discussing terrarium and Laura Soll of Northeast Expo, click here or here on YouTube click here.

Another News 8 YouTube showing President Inge Venus in the butterfly encounter, click here.

Another YouTube clip from CTStyle including an interview with First VP, Arlene Field, click here.

Another YouTube clip showing many of the outstanding FGCCT designs, click here

To hear a pre-show radio interview with Cathy Ritch, FGCCT Flower Show Chair and Kristie Gonsalves, the show’s longtime producer, click here.