"Rhythm and Blooms" 40th Annual Connecticut Flower and Garden Show

CT Convention Center, February 24-27, 2022
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Deadline for FGCCT members to order discounted tickets is February 10, 2022. Discount Tickets for FGCCT Members

On-line Horticulture Entries are strongly preferred by February 14, 2022. Enter Hort Specimens Here.

You can enter any horticulture which you think may be ready at show time.  There is no penalty for withdrawing plant material that is not show-ready.  If you have questions regarding horticulture entries, contact hortentries@ctgardenclubs.org

Landscape Design School – Registration Open to CT Residents
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To coordinate, stimulate and encourage higher standards in all aspects of Garden Club work. To protect and conserve our natural resources, preserve our heritage and promote civic beauty.

Connecticut boasts over 6,500 Garden Club members. If you like what we do and are not a member, join us!

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    Connecticut Flower Show: ‘Rhythm and Blooms’

    February 24, 2022 · February 27, 2022

    CT Flower Show is a breathtaking event for floral and garden enthusiasts in the state. Connecticut Flower & Garden Show is a premier flower show in the state related to the horticulture industry. This regional event is set to start on Thursday, February 24, 2022, in Hartford, CT, United States…

President's Project

Out with Invasives In with Natives

One Yard, One Garden, One Park, One Town, One Trail at a Time

All across Connecticut native plants are being choked out by invasives. They’re everywhere and laying siege to landscapes all across the state.

The eradication needs to start now. We can all make a difference.