Happy Spring! Happy Gardening!

Please patronize the Plant Sales and May Markets of your local Garden Clubs to support their many projects which enhance your communities.

Our Mission

To coordinate, stimulate and encourage higher standards in all aspects of Garden Club work. To protect and conserve our natural resources, preserve our heritage and promote civic beauty.

Connecticut boasts over 6,500 Garden Club members. If you like what we do and are not a member, join us!

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    Upcoming Events

    Beyond Beginning Design Workshop – Floral Jewelry

    May 3, 201910:00 am · 12:30 pm
    • CAES New Haven, CT

    Design a one-of-a-kind floral neck piece crafted with aluminum wire, beads and accented with fresh flowers and succulents. The techniques that are used to form the aluminum wire and glue flowers onto it can be used in Creative Design as well. Included is a lecture, followed by a hands-on workshop….

President's Project

Plant Connecticut — Be a Conservation Champion!

Become stewards in your own communities
and help in three major areas:

Conserve Water ~ Assist Pollination ~ Plant Naturally