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The Federated Garden Clubs of Connecticut (FGCCT), as stated in the bylaws, is "a non-profit charitable and educational organization" which offers educational opportunities for members and non-members. Each school has four courses. Each course consists of two days of lectures with a half day exam on the third day. All schools are open to garden club members and non-members. Garden Club members who successfully complete all four courses in a School may join the corresponding Council.

ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES SCHOOLS are a series of four courses in environmental studies. Students completing the courses may become NGC Environmental Consultants.

Click here to find out more about our Environmental Studies Schools.

LANDSCAPE DESIGN STUDY SCHOOLS offer a series of four 10-hour courses. The course curriculum covers the history of landscape design as well as instruction from landscape architects in a variety of design techniques used in home and municipal settings. Students completing the courses may become Landscape Design Consultants.  

Landscape Design Study School, Course III, will be offered March 21-22, 2017. For brochure, click here. For Registration Form, click here.

FLOWER SHOW SCHOOLS are a series of courses intended to train members to become accredited Flower Show Judges.

Flower Show School, Course II will be offered at Kellogg Environmental Center, Derby, from September 26-28, 2017. For brochure and registration form, click here.

GARDENING STUDY SCHOOLS focus on helping members become accomplished horticulturists.
Courses cover all aspects of growing from understanding soil structure to pruning techniques,
plant identification, etc. Students completing the courses may become Gardening Study Consultants.

Gardening Study School, Series 7, Course IV, will be offered on September 26-28, 2017. Click here for the brochure.










Flower Show School, Course 1, was held September 10-12, 2014. Below are samples of the designs created for the class. Mass designs top left by Kris Urbanik; top right by Trish Manfredi.
Line designs bottom left by Pat Dray; bottom right by Jan Cernoch.
Collage by Margareta Kotch.

Flower Show School Course IV
was held from April 3rd to April 5th at the Kellogg Environmental Center. Shown together with Horticulture Instructor Johnna Claire-Metz is Flower Show School Chairman Jessica Fischer, who grew the daffodils herself from bulbs for the horticulture display.


Click here to find out more about our Gardening Study Schools. For the current GSS application form, click here.

Download the Gardening Study School Scholarship Application Form.


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