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Love-ly Garden Award 2016

Love-ly Garden Award Winner Andrea Belous flanked by Gardening Consultant Council members Joanne McKendry and Katherine Patrick.




Gardening Consultants Council

Below are the members of the Gardening Consultants Council judging entries for the Love-Ly Garden Award on Tuesday, July 8, 2014.

Environmental Consultants Council and Gardening Consultants Council

The Environmental Consultants Council and the Gardening Consultants Council combined for a trip to Flanders Nature Center in June, 2014.

Hiking the Flanders Nature Center Trail.

Nancy Bailey, club member and guide, at Flanders Nature Center.

Members of the Pomperaug Valley Garden Club.

Photos by Nancy Lenoce.


The Landscape Design Council

FGCCT's Landscape Design Council made a visit in June, 2014, to the Beatrix Ferrand garden at Three Rivers, called Promisek, and the gardens at the Osborne Homestead adjacent to the Kellogg Environmental Center in Derby.

The Beatrix Ferrand Garden at Promisek.

LDC Chair, Nancy Baker, and Irene, Master Gardener, at Promisek.

The Landscape Design Council at Promisek.

The Osborne Garden at Kellogg Environmental Center.

Photos by Nancy Lenoce.

The FGCCT Judges Council

The Federation Judges Council is committed to promoting the study of the Handbook for Flower Shows and the fair and proper judging of Standard Flower Shows throughout the state. The Council also promotes flower show schools and symposiums within the state.

We have seventy Student, Accredited, Life and Master judges. We meet five times a year to clarify changes in the Handbook, discuss judging concerns and practice judging horticulture and design.

Barbara Deysson, Chair

The FGCCT Enviromental Consultants Council

Joint Council meeting a great learning experience On Monday, July 8th, members of the Environmental Consultants Council and the Gardening Consultants Council gathered at Lockwood Farms in Hamden to hear Arborist Jeffrey Ward discuss various topics, including invasive shrubs and vines, with suggestions for helpful home remedies. Thereafter, he led the group on a walking tour of the native tree and shrub demo gardens on the premises ending with a walk through the Bird and Butterfly Garden, designed and constructed in 1996 as a collaborative effort between The Federated Garden Clubs of Connecticut and the Spring Glen Garden Club.
A few members then went over to Broken Arrow Nursery in Hamden for a guided tour by Master Gardener Jude Hsang of the expansive new garden areas.

Ellie Tessmer, Chair, Environmental Consultants Council

The FGCCT Gardening Consultants Council

Click here for images from the Gardening Consultants Council's most recent activities!

Established in October 2000.  To increase knowledge and stimulate interest in horticulture;  to keep informed of advanced gardening techniques; to share this knowledge and promote interest in gardening by giving special programs; and to promote Gardening Study courses and special events.

Members attend educational programs and seminars at places of interest; Arboretums, CT Agricultural Station, Lockwood Farm, Vineyards, Tobacco Barns and Wickham Park.

Visits to nurseries and garden centers as well as tours of private gardens take place during the year.

Two special projects were established in 2006 to honor Penny Jarvis, a lady who loved to garden and who gave an endowment to the Consultants Council.  The Love-ly Garden award was given for the first time this year to Lisa Cocco of the Suburban Garden Club of Cheshire and a scholarship award to Gardening Study School to Pattie Pitts of the Long Hill Garden Club.

Members are invited to join the council as provisionals  upon completion of two courses of Gardening Study school.  Upon completion and test passed of four years of Gardening Study school, members may join as Active Members.   Currently there are 45 members of the Council and one Master Gardening Consultant.(Completion of eight Gardening Study Courses.)

Mary Sullivan, Chair

The Gardening Consultants Council presents the "Love-ly Garden Award" each year. This award is open to all garden club members who have created and maintained her or his own garden. Deadline for submitting the nomination form is June 15.

Click here for award form in PDF format.


(At right, winner Gail Secchiaroli receives the award from Gardening Consultants Council Chairman Mary Sullivan.)

Each year the Gardening Consultants Council presents the Love-Ly Garden Award in recognition of Penny Jarvis who had a great “love” of gardening.  The 2012 winning garden belongs to GAIL SECCHIAROLI of the Manchester Garden Club. This very well maintained garden received a WOW from the judges upon entering the back yard.  Shade plants such as Heuchera, Hostas and ground covers are creatively positioned and interspersed with spots of color from Impatiens.  Garden ornaments (small statuary, candles and water features) provide more color and a sense of whimsy.  A small seating area near the deck features a grapevine arbor, bench and fountain, large urns and even a small dog peeking around the steps.  Gail lives in a condominium and her neighbor was so impressed with the garden that she asked Gail for help with the neighbor’s yard and the association approved. The two gardens have now blended into one with connecting stone pathways and walls. Gail transported all the rocks from a local quarry. Spotlights for night viewing allow Gail to relax on the deck and enjoy her “Love-ly Garden”.

For more pictures of Gail's garden, click here.

The FGCCT Landscape Design Council

Excellence in Design Award
The overall theme is Seasonal Landscape Design with judging taking place in different months of the year. By announcing the themes several years ahead of time, we are hoping that we will have more participants who would have additional time to prepare their landscapes for the various themes.

Spring Landscape featuring bulbs and flowering trees/shrubs to be judged in May
2013 Summer Landscape incorporating a moon garden to be judged in late June
2014 Fall Public or Corporate Landscape to be judged toward the end of September

The Federated Garden Clubs of CT Landscape Design Council is made up of Landscape Design Consultants who have successfully completed all four Landscape Design Study Programs as well as Provisional members who have completed two courses. The official purpose of the Landscape Design Study Program and the Council is to educate citizens and Consultants alike in good landscape design principles in order to promote landscape design in their own communities, especially as it relates to public design.

The unofficial purpose is to learn as much about landscape design as possible, to get to know and learn from other people interested in landscape design, to learn how to improve our own gardens, and in some cases, learn more about designing gardens for others.

We also host a yearly Excellence In Design Competition with different categories each year. Once again, we will encourage Consultants and Provisionals to judge the gardens. We get to see wonderful gardens all over the state, meet with and learn from experienced and new members, and usually go out to lunch or have a picnic. The winner receives our now legendary BIG SILVER REVERE BOWL at the Fall Awards Luncheon.

During the summer we go on field trips or view Garden Conservancy Open Gardens, and then retire somewhere for refreshments to discuss what we have seen. This is such a fantastic way to learn since everyone, new and experienced members alike, sees different aspects of the gardens.

Nancy Baker, LDC Chair


Seven Habitat for Humanity homes were beautifully landscaped this past year. Four FGCCT garden clubs took advantage of grants that were funded by of the NGC Walk-A-Thon, which raised more than $800 for CT. The garden clubs who landscaped Habitat for Humanity homes were:

  • Ledyard Garden Club, four Habitat for Humanity homes in New London - club members planted more than 350 bulbs around the homes to delight the homeowners last spring.

  • Country Gardeners of Glastonbury and Glastonbury Garden Clubs each landscaped a home in Hartford’s Habit for Humanity neighborhood Swift Village.

  • North Haven Garden Club provided landscaping for a Habitat for Humanity home in New Haven.

In addition to designing, purchasing and installing landscaping, members of these garden clubs are providing education for the new HfH homeowners so that the newly landscaped yards will thrive.

For all clubs that participated in the 2005-2007 HfH project, report forms must be submitted to the NGC Chairman by March 1, 2007 for the club to receive a special certificate. These may be downloaded from the NGC Website at www.gardenclub.org.

This year the company Periwinkle and Bloom will be repeating their generous offer of "container garden in a box" for Habitat 2007 BLitz Build homeowners. This new collection will be available this spring so watch for details on the web. For more information, please contact:

Duane Luster, FGCCT HfH Liaison
860 633-9098

Tips from Jo Williams NGC Chairman

(condensed from the February-April, 2007, "Keeping In Touch" Quarterly Publication of National Garden Clubs)

If your Club, District or Council would like to join in the fun of becoming involved in landscaping Habitat homes, please follow these easy as 1, 2, 3, 4 steps.

  1. Telephone your local Habitat Affiliate. You'll find the number in the white pages of the telephone directory
  2. Learn from the Habitat Affiliate what the particular landscaping needs are in your community.
  3. After taking this information back to your club, decide with your members how you would like to help.
  4. Make the commitment and dig in! Help needed in landscaping Habitat homes varies from one community to the next. Many times, the need may be monetary. On the other hand, it might be physical. In some cases, the need might be for gardening tools or equipment of that nature. The theme of the HFH Landscape Project is 'OPEN YOUR HEART AND HANDS' and the philosophy has always been: "No contribution - physical or monetary - is too small," and all donations are gratefully received.


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